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Minor Factions II

The Fangs of the North

To the north, far beyond the city of Troika, the far plains and the thick forests is another nation, once ravaged by beasts and daemons, it was tamed under Nell, the Lord of Snow.

The fangs of the North who are found in this stretch of land are mostly traders, outlaws and banished - the rumor says there is a banished prince here, seeking to find a army to claim “his” rightful place.

They are often spotted by being hardy people and easily two feet taller on average then the local population. There mastery of the beasts of the north is unmatched and many can be found in the company of a Wolf or worse.

The Order of the Sun and Moon

Religious men from many kingdoms have formed this order in a time before ours. It holds a outpost near the west coast of the land bridge, a days and nights ride from Starfall.

They seek to destroy daemons and bringer of great evil, but mostly keep to themselves. They are split into a caste system, where the elite warriors of the sun train in the keep and hone there skills, which are truly masterfut, fit to slain the great fiends of the world. The Order of the Moon accepts a many races and people, the weak are just as welcome as the strong. One can count that there is a least one member of the moon order in any larger city and village.

The order never shares the information found by there spy network, for they are strictly without alliance, but those who draw there attention will be hunted down, for when the Warriors of the Sun leave the walls, they will draw blood.