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The land & the people I

We begin our story with a group of individuals, somewhere in the harsh, dry landscape near Starfall, the City of Traders. Maybe you came for the riches it offers - or for the mysterys and arts of the Southern People of Kal’den - City of Magic & Mystery or for the progress and power of the glorious City of Industry, Troika.

Rumor has it that a long time ago a god plucked it from the night in his rage and forced it into the ground, forming the hill the city clings to. A less fantastic story tells of a bunch of bandits who made there camp in the shadows, started raiding traders crossing between the two City-Nations of Troika to the North and Kal’den to the south. Then the traders had enough of it, took over the camp and made a tradepost with the remains and loot of the raiders… that camp in turn was taken over by a smart man and a lot of cash… this Character then build a College of Alchemy and other arts ontop of the hill, creating fine credit by providing the goods needed in the desert and taking a coin out of every pocket that passes the land bridge it is placed on.

Starfall is considered Neutral, it’s population mostly human with a variety of profit seeking creatures within it. It is a medium sized settlement that is build around a hill that provides caves and ore for it’s craftsmen.

The crime rate in the other layer of the city, outside the solid walls around the mountain itself is quite high, while within the walls Velas the (current) Merchant Master rules by the coin, from within the college where the most masterful crafts are produced. He is known to use tieflings as agents and appears to be human.

The City has it’s own City Guard, but they only protect the inner walls and are known to be corrupt, obeying only the one who pays them.

Slavery, Magic and Tech are legal.

Kal’den - City of Magic & Mystery

Deep in the Deserts of the South, where the people adapted to the use of magic to surive, the City-Nation of Kal’den resides, though it is made up of countless wandering tribes, united only by the Wisdom of the council.

The Council rules Kal’den, by the wisdom of the 5, whom are the current Ruler by Crown, the Master of War, the Master of Magic, the High Priests Choosen and a man of the people, who is chosen from the streets when the council meets.

The City of Kal’den is a wonder of its own, a turned mountain flying over the desert and hold down by the chains of War. If the nation is in danger, the chains are broken and the City flys to bring death to there enemies.

By the nature of there landscape, the people rely on magic. There perfection of the profession has attracted some other races and over the years (And as some of there storys go, by the hand of a very charming elf) a fair number of half-elfs have become part of there population. They pay great respect to tradition and are slow to change there ways.

Slavery and Tech are forbidden, crime is low.

Any Stranger wishing to enter the City has to wear the Mark of the visitor.

Troika - City of Industry

The lands of the north are thick with Forests and natural resources, among them coal. Humans settling there quickly adapted some technological wonders from the dwarfs (not always acquiring them nice way). They exploit the land in there hunger for power and in short time the wonders of gunpowered allowed them to cut out there piece of the map for themselves.

Trokia can be seen from many leagues away, the thick smoke from its factorys scaring the skys. They produce great masses of goods, by the workforce of orcs & ogres - and there half-breeds. Growing faster then they can control, the Monarchy has lost full control of it’s population and there are many small wars & skirmishes between the owners of factorys and there sell-swords and saboteurs.

The Royal Guard attempts to keep order on the Streets and the University of Technology wonders provides new inventions, many of whom have spawned grand Storys, like the tale of a group of heroes holding a pass against a small orc army with nothing but a Steam War Golem and there wits.

There are many movements, trying to guide the quickly growing population of Troika by there own ideals.

Slavery is semi-legal, Magic is restricted in certain Areas.